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500 Donation

$500 Donation to your organization

We’re very excited to announce that tickets are now on sale for the World Premiere screening of BLOOD, SWEAT & CHEERS on Sunday, April 26 at 12:15pm at the Somerville Theater (Davis Square).


Through the generosity of friends and family, we will be offering a limited amount of complimentary tickets to Boston-area youth. Please email bloodsweatcheers@awardprod.com for more information.

If you’re interested in purchasing group tickets for your sports team or youth organization, please email us at bloodsweatcheers@awarprod.com. The group who brings the most members to the theater will win a $500 donation, courtesy of one of the film’s generous sponsors.

Tickets are $9. All proceeds from ticket sales go to the non-profit IFFBoston to support the festival.

As a bonus, all audience members will be entered in a raffle to win a Wii game system and other great prizes.

Thanks so much for your support!


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One lucky "Blood, Sweat & Cheers" fan will win a Nintendo Wii

One lucky "Blood, Sweat & Cheers" fan will win a Nintendo Wii

As if there aren’t already enough reasons to pigpile all your BFFs into the car and head to Somerville on April 26th for the World Premiere!

One lucky audience member at our Independent Film Festival Boston screening will head home with a Nintendo Wii tricked out with the immensely popular “We Cheer” game.

The prestigious video game review site, “Gamespot,” calls this virtual cheering experience “one of the most physically demanding games on the Wii.”

More insights from Gamespot:

“We Cheer eschews the corded limitation of the Nunchuk in favor of two remotes to enable more flailing and less clotheslining… There’s no “I” in cheerleading, and accordingly Namco has included multiplayer for up to four people. We saw only two people playing simultaneously, each using one remote to represent one hand on the main avatar.”

“Avatars are all female (sorry, fellas), look a bit like anime Bratz, and feature customizable outfits and pom-poms. A trailer that we saw featured four kids playing at a time, a seemingly risky feat that puts all players and nearby breakable objects in jeopardy.”

If your brother or dad happens to win the Wii — and they inexplicably do not wish to get into the spirit behind closed doors — the game system we’ll give away on Premiere Sunday will also include the Wii sports package of baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, etc.

If you want to play Wii’s “Snowboard Riot,” or “Major League Eating,” you’re on your own.  Or you could wait until we make a snowboarding or competitive eating documentary!

Click here to join our Facebook page and spread the word about the gutsy, amazing sport of cheerleading!

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