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In case you lost count, the FIFTH movie in the Bring It On franchise, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, is being released on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 1st. The series is apparently popular enough that they can just keep cranking them out on DVD. If this does well, will there be a sixth, a seventh, or even an eighth movie? Have they taken the franchise too far? What do you think?


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CheerUnion1CheerUnion2Would you like to represent the United States at the 2010 International Cheer Union World Cup? In case you missed it, the USA Federation for Sport Cheerleading has posted the requirements for auditioning for the 2010 USA Cheer Teams and has been accepting on-line applications as of July 1st. If you’d like a chance to participate, you must submit your application by October 1st. There will be 3 national teams to represent the US on April 23 2010 – All girl cheer, coed cheer, and dance.

Click here for requirements, applications, and more information!

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CheerPhotoThe Big Blue cheerleading team of Swampscott, MA will be holding a carwash from 9am – 1pm on Saturday, August 29, at the Department of Public Works garage on Paradise Rd. For just $5 you can help raise money for the team while your car gets some pampering. In case of rain, the car wash will take place the next day at the same time and location.

Swampscott has already produced one New England Patriots cheerleader. Participating on the dance team at Swampscott high school, Danielle Lannon cheered the Pats on at the Super Bowl against the NY Giants in 2008.

So here’s your chance to help out some other talented cheerleaders from the competitive town of Swampscott, MA. Hope to see you there!

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For newcomers, parents, and veterans who need a little reminder, here are some cheerleading terms, provided by ESPN and About.com, to help guide you through next practice:

Base: A person who holds up or tosses the flyer in a build

Build: A stunt where a base remains on the ground while lifting or throwing a flyer in the air

Chant: A short cheer with arm motions that is repeated

Cheer: A long cheer that incorporates stunting, tumbling, and/or jumps

Double Hook: A jump where one leg is bent in front of you while the other is bent behind you. Put your arms in the air in a high “V.” This one is also known as a Pretzel, Abstract, or Table Top

Flyer: The person put up on the top of a build

Herkie/Hurkie Jump: A jump where usually the weaker leg is bent towards the ground and the other is out to the side as high as it will go in the toe touch position

Front Hurdler: A jump where you lift your front leg straight up in front of your face, while the other leg is bent at the knee with the foot up behind you

Jumps: Popular jumps include toe touches, herkies, hurdlers, and double hooks

Spotter: The person who helps the base to lift up the flyer. Spotters must be prepared to make an unexpected catch if needed

Toe Touch: A jump where your arms are outstretched to the sides and your legs split to the sides. Your hands don’t touch your toes, but really try to reach your inner ankles

Transitions: Moves that link two or more builds together without bringing the flyer down all the way

Thigh Stand: A build where the flyer stands on the thighs of two bases who are in a lunge position

Can you think of any we left out? Please submit photographs or descriptions of any cheerleading terms you think might help out your fellow cheerleaders!

Also, if you’re looking for ways to practice or perfect your jumps, check out www.monkeysee.com where you can find several how-to videos on all the top jumps, exercises, and stunts.

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39284-hi-lopez_cheerleaders2227 cheerleaders in Massachusetts recently set a new record in the category of “largest cheerleading dance.” Former Saved by the Bell heartthrob Mario Lopez led members of the Universal Cheerleaders Association in the choreographed routine, which was performed to the “Ice Cream and Cake” song by the Buckwheat Boyz.  The event was held to promote a new contest from Baskin-Robbins– in the hopes of winning cash and a ton of ice cream cake, people can submit their own version of the “Ice Cream and Cake Dance.” Personally, we can’t think of anything better to cheer for than ice cream.

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