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39284-hi-lopez_cheerleaders2227 cheerleaders in Massachusetts recently set a new record in the category of “largest cheerleading dance.” Former Saved by the Bell heartthrob Mario Lopez led members of the Universal Cheerleaders Association in the choreographed routine, which was performed to the “Ice Cream and Cake” song by the Buckwheat Boyz.  The event was held to promote a new contest from Baskin-Robbins– in the hopes of winning cash and a ton of ice cream cake, people can submit their own version of the “Ice Cream and Cake Dance.” Personally, we can’t think of anything better to cheer for than ice cream.


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One lucky "Blood, Sweat & Cheers" fan will win a Nintendo Wii

One lucky "Blood, Sweat & Cheers" fan will win a Nintendo Wii

As if there aren’t already enough reasons to pigpile all your BFFs into the car and head to Somerville on April 26th for the World Premiere!

One lucky audience member at our Independent Film Festival Boston screening will head home with a Nintendo Wii tricked out with the immensely popular “We Cheer” game.

The prestigious video game review site, “Gamespot,” calls this virtual cheering experience “one of the most physically demanding games on the Wii.”

More insights from Gamespot:

“We Cheer eschews the corded limitation of the Nunchuk in favor of two remotes to enable more flailing and less clotheslining… There’s no “I” in cheerleading, and accordingly Namco has included multiplayer for up to four people. We saw only two people playing simultaneously, each using one remote to represent one hand on the main avatar.”

“Avatars are all female (sorry, fellas), look a bit like anime Bratz, and feature customizable outfits and pom-poms. A trailer that we saw featured four kids playing at a time, a seemingly risky feat that puts all players and nearby breakable objects in jeopardy.”

If your brother or dad happens to win the Wii — and they inexplicably do not wish to get into the spirit behind closed doors — the game system we’ll give away on Premiere Sunday will also include the Wii sports package of baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, etc.

If you want to play Wii’s “Snowboard Riot,” or “Major League Eating,” you’re on your own.  Or you could wait until we make a snowboarding or competitive eating documentary!

Click here to join our Facebook page and spread the word about the gutsy, amazing sport of cheerleading!

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Mattel's Barbie doll tribute to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Mattel's Barbie doll tribute to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders sometimes get unfairly stereotyped as ditzy blondes. Barbie sometimes gets stereotyped as a ditzy blonde.  Now we get two popular stereotypes blended into one.

Mattel’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Barbie, hailed by the NFL team as toys that celebrate accomplished and diverse women, was just dissed by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.

The CCFC just awarded Barbie with their first annual TOADY (Toys Oppressive and Destructive to Young Children) award as well as declaring her the worst toy of 2008:

“The toys we give children reflect our values,” said CCFC’s Director Dr. Susan Linn, author of The Case for Make Believe. “And no one who cares about children’s wellbeing could produce a toy like the Barbie Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader doll. It embodies a host of harmful expectations about what girls are supposed to be like.”

Rated by Mattel as appropriate for children age six and up, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Doll comes with the shortest of short shorts, stiletto boots, and a revealing halter top. The preposterously skimpy outfit allows children to get a better view of Barbie’s impossibly long legs and dangerously thin body.

“When you combine two classic symbols of gendered stereotypes – the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and Barbie – you get one terrible toy,” said CCFC Steering Committee member Joe Kelly, of Dadsanddaughters.com. “Do we really want to teach our young daughters that they belong on the sidelines, not in the game, and the way to get noticed is show a lot of skin?”

OK, so what say you, cheerleaders?

Even if you are too old to play with Barbies anymore, is she or the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders being unfairly branded here?

Guys like the Dallas cheerleaders for obvious reasons. But do they represent something beyond the skimpy costumes?

Sound off with our exclusive Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Barbie Poll!

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